Best Toys That Would Keep a Child Engaged Based on Their Age


Toys play an essential part in a child’s learning and development. From the start, babies already explore and learn about the world through the toys they have simply by observing colors and touching different textures. As they grow, their needs also change. Toddlers need a different range of toys to cater to their play and developmental needs. This is also the same as they turn into younger children and grow into bigger kids.

These days, there are plenty of toy options to choose from. When you go to a toy shop, you’ll be amazed at the variety of options you have when shopping for toys for your child. To help you find the right ones, here is a simple guide on the best toys that are well-suited to a child according to his age.


Babies are already learning about the world around them through toys even if they don’t move around that much yet. There are plenty of things a baby needs to learn – from colors, shapes, textures, sound, and a lot more. When buying toys for babies, be sure to look for ones that stimulate the senses in a safe way.

For instance, rattles and music toys are perfect to help your baby get familiar with sounds. A colorful hanging mobile helps develop their vision. Soft blocks and cloth books are also perfect in helping them develop their motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination. When you shop for toys online Australia has a good shop that has different types of toys for all ages.

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Toddlers are more active and can play with more variety of toys than babies. Provide them with more toy options that allow them to explore and learn more. Although there’s nothing wrong when they still play with their baby toys, it is important that you upgrade their toys that are suited to their age.

Toddlers can learn a lot about shapes and matching things by playing with a shape sorter. You could also help toddlers develop their creativity and motor skills by letting them play with blocks or Legos. Provide active toys as well such as plush toys and other things that would encourage them to move around to develop their coordination and movement.

Pre-school and School-Aged Children

Pre-schoolers and school-aged children have plenty of options when it comes to toys. Aside from that, they also have plenty of things to learn such as letters and numbers. There are an endless variety of toys that encourage learning at this age such as puzzles, musical instruments, art supplies, pretend to play toys, and even electronic gadgets. These toys can supplement the things they learn from school in a more fun and interesting way.

There is plenty of essential knowledge and life skills your child can learn just from playing. Aside from that, you could also bond with your child more by playing with him or her. Give your child a learning advantage by providing the right toys that suit their age.

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