Packing Tips for a Family Trip


Packing for a family is not as easy as packing for a solo trip. Aside from your own essentials, you also need to look out for the essentials of other family members, especially the kids. Although bigger kids can start to pack on their own, you still need to anticipate their needs that they might have forgotten to pack in their bag.

Since you’ll be packing up so many things when going on a family trip, good organization and limiting the items are the two factors that should always be considered. Here are some really useful tips for stress-free packing for a family vacation.

Must-Have Items

When packing for the family, be sure to have these essentials – packing cubes and a first aid kit. It would totally aid in better packing plus a first aid kit would really be useful in times when you can’t get to a pharmacy to buy some health essentials.

  • Packing cubes – Packing cubes or packing cells are small fabric containers that could fit tightly into suitcases and travel bags. If you’re packing for multiple family members, packing cubes can help separate and organize everything in the bag since each member can have his or her own cube where all their stuff is.
  • First Aid Kit – Wherever you go, be sure to have a well-stocked first aid kit for your family. Fill it with the essentials such as bandages, antibiotic cream, and medicines for fever, motion sickness, stomach flu, colds, and allergy. You’ll never know when you’ll need it, especially when travelling with kids.
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What to Pack

It all depends on where you’re going or what occasion you’re attending. For instance, if you’re attending a wedding, you’ll need to bring a formal outfit for each of the family members, especially the kids. To keep the luggage light, limit the number of items you bring for each person. It could be 5 sets of undergarments, 4 tops, 3 bottoms, and so on. You could also bring other items depending on the needs. Don’t forget to bring their toiletries as well to keep clean during the vacation.

Packing Tips Based on Age

When travelling with babies, you need to bring the feeding and diapering essentials as well as the clothing needed. There’s no need to pack all those bulky baby gear like strollers, bathtubs, and others since some hotels lend these items to their guests. Be sure to check in advance if they are offering these services.

Toddlers require lesser items than infants. However, you need to pack a lot of stuff to keep them entertained during the trip – from toys, books, gadgets, and many more to keep them calm and busy while travelling.

Packing for school-aged children is a lot easier now. They could even carry their things in their own bag. Keep them involved in the packing process but be anticipative as well on the things that they might need.

Packing for a family getaway sounds a bit daunting. With these tips, you could surely pack more efficiently with lesser stress.

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