Tips On How to Throw the Perfect Surprise Party


Planning a party can be a tiring and long process however, throwing a surprise party could be made much trickier as you now have the added element of secrecy. However, it is not an impossible task and one which can be carried out successfully.

Planning committee

Planning a party by yourself especially planning a surprise party by yourself can be a difficult task. Therefore, it helps to have a planning committee. All you need is a few of your friends and family to get on board as then you will have enough hands to help you. Having other people help you is also easier as then you do not have to worry about every single aspect of the party.

For instance, when planning a party there are many things to think about such as the venue, the guest list, the food and drinks, the entertainment, etc. You will also need to think about a gift. However, if you have help then this gives you the opportunity to delegate tasks and not have to worry about every aspect. It also gives you the time to look for a gift and not purchase just any gift but a thoughtful one.

For instance, if you are planning a surprise party for your partner’s birthday the party does not have to be the only surprise. If your partner likes diamonds, then you can surprise him or her with diamonds. Having help planning the party gives you the time to plan the party and look around for the best place to buy diamonds Melbourne.

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The venue

Before you decide on the venue, first decide what kind of party you want to throw. For example, there are different themes you could have such as a pool party, a garden party, a beach party, etc. Therefore, before looking for a venue it is important to decide on what the theme of the party is going to be.

It is a good idea to take a moment to try and recall if the person you are throwing the party for may have dropped any hints about the kind of party he or she would like or you can even take into account the person’s interest as this could help you decide. For example, if he or she enjoys swimming and likes the outdoors then throwing a pool party will be a good idea.

The guest list

Before you make a guest list decide on whether you want to throw a big party with friends, family, and co-workers or decide on whether you want the party to be small and intimate. The guest list is an important factor to consider because a lot of other aspects will revolve around the guest list.

For example, when ordering the food, you will make the order by taking into account the number of people attending. Therefore, having a rough idea of the number of people attending is important. It is also a good idea to think about the person you are throwing the party for and think about whom he or she will want at the party and then make the list accordingly.

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