Tips On Taking Care of Your Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions

Getting a lash extension done can be exciting, especially when you feel the before and the after. But what you must not fail to forget is that just like any other cosmetic changes, having eyelash extensions also comes with an after-care routine that you must no doubt follow in order to ensure the lash extension was a success and remains healthy and beautiful as it is.

While the most crucial weeks of care are four to five weeks following your lash extension procedure, it doesn’t hurt to continue a mild care routine after as well. This is due to the fact that it helps keep your eyelashes clean, prevents possible infections, and gives you a long-lasting fresh look. Anyway, in order to give you all a better idea of the process and progress of lash extension aftercare, here are a few tips worth noting down.

Don’t wet the lashes for 24 hours

In order to ensure that the adhesive used completely cures your lash extensions, it is important that you do not wet it or even steam it for at least the first 24 hours. While this is the most common time rule, it may also depend from one lash technician to another based on the products they use. However, if you haven’t been told a specific timing per say, then it’s best to stick to 24 hours.

Followed by daily cleansing

Once your 24 hours are up, it’s back to a daily cleansing routine. Making use of a lash cleanser can hands down be the best decision you make. You can get the right products for your extensions via a good lash supplier and follow the directions accordingly. Proper cleansing can help remove residual dirt and oils, thus keeping your lashes fresh and pretty for a longer period of time.

Brush your lashes every day

Making use of a small and clean spoolie brush, make it a point to brush your lashes on a daily basis. Brushing your lashes is definitely less of a task than brushing your hair as it simply takes a few seconds of your time. This will help avoid any clumps and tangling within your lashes. Yes, you heard that right, there are chances your lashes can get tangled and clumped too if it is not taken good care of.

Make use of oil-free products

Our skin-care routine is often filled with healthy and natural oil products. However, it is important to avoid contact with any type of oil, directly or indirectly in products. Oil is known to affect the adhesive bond on your lashes which means that the glue keeping your extensions together is going to weaken on a speedy basis. So, make sure you check out the ingredients in all your skin care products thoroughly.

A few other tips worth following are getting regular refills for your lashes as well as making sure your eye-makeup and non-waterproof products are. It’s even recommended to skip mascara if possible! Let us know if this information was helpful for you.

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