Ways In Choosing Interior Paint Colours for Your Home


The colour palette of your home’s interior greatly affects the style and feel of your home. Beautifying a home is truly satisfying and rewarding – after all the work you pour into it, you get to live in a beautiful home that you love.

The paint serves as the base for every décor you make, whether it is interior or exterior. However, if you’re planning to choose paint colours for your home interior, it should be something that you’d really love and would reflect your personality. You’ll be spending more time inside your home that’s why it is important to decorate it in a way that pleases you the most.

To help get you started, here are some tips for choosing paint colours for your home interior.

Look for Inspiration

Some people are not really yet sure what they want their home interior to look like. If you’re one of those, it is best to look for paint colour inspirations first as a start. There are plenty of sources for this aside from magazines and catalogues. You can search the web and find tons of paint colour inspirations that would truly suit your style preferences.

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Use a Colour Wheel

Colours wheels are tools that could help you generate colour palette ideas and how each colour relates to the other. By simply turning the wheel, you get to see if the colours look good when used together as a palette. Although you might not be able to find some paint colours that are exactly the same on the wheel, you could look for similar shades those from a Dulux paint shop.

Play with Neutrals

For those who love neutral colours, this doesn’t mean that your home would look plain and simple. You could actually use neutrals to create elegant-looking home interiors, depending on how you play with the hues. For instance, you could go for a striped neutral wall for a more stylish touch or incorporate pastel colours into your neutral’s palette for a subtle way of adding a pop of colour.

Look Into Prints

If you already have a decorated home and you only need to repaint it for a fresh look, it might be confusing what colours you could use for the paint. To make it easier, try to look into your décor and look for the boldest colour on prints. It could be from the sofa, throw pillows, or other decorative elements in the area.

The boldest colour would look perfect when used for an accent wall. However, if you need a subtle hue to paint a wider space, opt for the colour of the smaller details on the prints. That way, you can be sure that your paint colour would surely look blend in with the overall room décor.

Those are just some of the few tricks on how to find the perfect paint colours for your home interior. Always remember that when looking for paint, sample it first to see if it is the right colour you’re looking for before committing and buying a lot of gallons.  

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