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Chest Drawers

If you are looking for some furniture to spice up your bedroom, add more storage and provide a place to display personal items you would like to keep on show. The ideal Chest of drawers can help intensify your bedroom’s beauty and make it cozy and comfortable.

When selecting your Chest of drawers, it is essential to buy from a Home living shop that offers quality with a touch of classy. You can purchase a chest of drawers online here. At Provincial Home Living, you get to select your Chest of drawers from a variety available.

You also have the chance to see the details and care instructions. This online store has a vast array of quality tallboys, wooden chests of drawers, designer pieces in traditional or wicker, and 3 drawer chests with bright colors to add a pop of color.

Types  Chest Drawers available

Chest of drawers come in handy when it comes to storage. They offer a wide variety where you can select the size and type you need.  Most of the time, people pile up their closets or wardrobes, leading to a lot of disorganization and decluttering.

You can buy a chest of drawers online and make even the smallest of bedroom spaces have storage. You can store most of your belongings, if not all, in an organized and neat manner. The added advantage is that the Chest of drawers can also be used as a bedside table where you can place your phone at night when you sleep or anything else you may need to be near reach when you are asleep.

One way to avoid these is to have a storage space where you can store all your belongings. To own a chest of drawers, does it necessarily have to be that you have a closet. You can use a chest of drawers and make the space functional.

Chest Drawers
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Provincial Home Living gives you a dazzling array of chests of drawers in several sizes and styles that range from $999 to $2999. These include:  

Plain natural wooden Chest of drawers

These include a designer, sizeable French style, vintage and, beautifully crafted Chest of drawers

The decorative Chest of drawers that you can purchase online includes the unique Richardson range. This particular Chest of drawers is currently on sale on the Provincial Home Living website at $2099.00 from its original price of $2999.00.

These pieces are so exquisite and expertly crafted that they ooze an air of extravagance. They come in 4 different patterns.

The Large tallboy is available in the Tuscan or modern style. If you need a lot of space, maybe for your extra clothes or your kid’s clothes, the tallboy is the perfect Chest of drawers. You can buy these Chest of drawers online.


A Chest of drawers is an essential part of the bedroom, more so if you own many clothes or have kids. To avoid clutter, these Chest of drawers offer ample storage space. They help you store your belongings in an organized way keeping your bedroom neat and organized.

On the Chest of drawers, you can set your belongings in a place where you can reach them easily, belongings that you love to showcase.

Provincial Home Living will offer you the best help and advice if you get stuck deciding which Chest of drawers to buy. They are also flexible payment options suited for your lifestyle, income, and budget. They also ship all over  Australia, and in case of any issues, they provide a generous refund and return policy.

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